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Bridging the Pressure Gap in Electron Beam Induced Current Microscopy: Imaging Charge Transport in Metal Oxide Nanowires under Atmospheric Pressures



Ana Stevanovic, Jeyavel Velmurugan, Feng Yi, David A. LaVan, Andrei A. Kolmakov


We developed a versatile environmental cell for ambient pressure scanning electron microscopy (SEM) technique to study the interplay between surface reactivity and electronic properties of metal oxide nanowires such as SnO2, TiO2 and ZnO. We tested electron beam induced current (EBIC) imaging techniques on a nanowire in the presence of oxidizing or reducing gas at atmospheric pressure. The contract variations in the atmospheric versus in vacuum EBIC images were interpreted in terms of adsorbate modulated near electrode Schottky barriers
Conference Dates
July 24-28, 2016
Conference Location
Columbus, OH
Conference Title
Microscopy and Microanalysis


EBIC, atmospheric pressure SEM, nanowires
Created July 25, 2016, Updated November 10, 2018