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Smart Infrastructure and Manufacturing


Today’s infrastructure and manufacturing rely on communication and sensing networks for the transfer of actionable information using technology to make critical decisions. 


Manufacturing Image CTL

The U.S. economy relies on communications-enabled infrastructure and manufacturing for its fundamental operations as a society. The Internet of Things drives how we work, play, and live. From smart manufacturing systems to smart grid, intelligent vehicles, thriving communities, smart homes, and smart workplaces – society relies on connected systems.

Projects & Programs

CTL partners with Industry to address grand challenges in energy distribution, manufacturing, transportation, and defense, incorporating communications and sensing technology to deliver efficiency, reliability, resilience, sustainability, safety, and security. 

  • Smart Connected Manufacturing – Develops advances in measurement science, including standards, guidelines, and tools, that enable U.S. manufacturers to use disparate data and advanced communications technologies to build knowledge and make better decisions to improve the quality, reliability, interoperability, and efficiency of connected smart manufacturing systems.  Read More
  • Smart Grid – Improves the efficiency, sustainability, economics, and resilience of the nation’s electric grids by developing and demonstrating advances in measurement science, control theory, and communications to enhance grid interoperability and facilitate the use of electrical grids as enabling platforms for modern energy technologies and services, including flexible, trustworthy distributed energy resources.  Read More
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and Infrastructure – Develops advances in measurement science including conceptual frameworks, testing and testbed methodologies, tools, and best practices to enable the development and assurance of scalable, interoperable, and trustworthy (reliable, safe, secure, resilient, and privacy-enhancing) connected IoT devices and infrastructures, including autonomous systems such as automated driving system safety.  Read More
  • Smart Cities and Communities – Demonstrates replicable, scalable, and sustainable models for collaborative incubation and deployment of interoperable, standards-based IoT solutions including through the NIST Global City Teams Challenge. Develops best practices to capture tangible and measurable benefits to quality of life in communities and cities.  Read More


Created October 7, 2021, Updated April 24, 2022