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SRMs for Basic and Applied Research

982Equal Atom Lead Isotopic Standard
983Radiogenic Lead Isotopic Standard
2087Medical CT Dimensional Standard (in preparation)
2088Radiodensity for Medical CT (planned)
3164Uranium Standard Solution
3159Thorium Standard Solution
4222CCarbon-14 (as hexadecane)
4226DNickel-63 Radioactivity Solution
4233ECesium-137 Solution
4239Strontium-90 Radioactivity   Standard
4251CBarium-133 Solution
4274Holmium-166m Gamma-ray Emission Rate Standard
4288BTechnetium-99 Radioactivity Solution
4320ACurium-244 Solution
4321CNatural Uranium Solution
4322CAmericium-241 Solution
4323BPlutonium-238 Solution
4324BUranium-232 Solution
4326Polonium-209 Solution
4328CThorium-229 Solution
4329Curium-243 Solution
4330CPlutonium-239 Radioactivity Solution
4332EAmericium-243 Radioactivity Solution
4334IPlutonium-242 Solution
4337Lead-210 Radioactivity Std
4338APlutonium-240 Solution
4339ARadium-228 Solution
4340BPlutonium-241 Solution
4341Neptunium-237 Solution
4342AThorium-230 Radioactivity Standard
4361CHydrogen-3 Water
4370CEuropium-152 Solution
4915FCobalt-60 Solution
4919IStrontium-90 Solution
4926EHydrogen-3 Water
4927FHydrogen-3 Water
4929FIron-55 Solution
4943Chlorine-36 Solution
4947CHydrogen-3 Toluene
4949CIodine-129 Solution
4965Radium-226 Solution
4966ARadium-226 Solution
4967ARadium-226 Solution
4969Radium-226 Solution
4971Radon-222 Emanation Standard
4972Radon-222 Emanation Standard
4973Radon-222 Emanation Standard
4974Radon-222 Emanation Standard
4990COxalic Acid Powder

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Created July 17, 2012, Updated November 15, 2019