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Hydrocarbon Spectral Database, Table 2.1

Table 2.1. Determinable rotational and centrifugal distortion constants (P4) employed by various workersa

Kivelson-Wilson Parameters for planar molecules Kirchhoff parameters (following Watson [15]) Watson parameters [16]
A A′′ = A′ - 1/2τbbcc A
B B′′ = B′ - 1/2τaacc B
C C′′ = C′ - 1/2τaabb C
τaaaa τaaaa ΔJ
τbbbb τbbbb ΔJK
τabab τcccc ΔK
τaabb τ1 = τaabb + τbbcc + τccaa δJ
τaabb τ2 = (A′ / S) τbbcc + (B′ / S) τaacc + (C′ / S) τaabb δK
aFor conversion between the various sets of parameters see References [4], [9], [10], and [17].


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Created April 23, 2018, Updated November 15, 2019