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Mylene Ouimette



Mylene Ouimette is a Librarian with the Information Services Office (ISO). In addition to her involvement with the Lab Librarian program, Mylene coordinates ISO’s support to Quantum SI research activities, one of NIST’s strategic growth areas. Mylene also contributes to ISO's strategies for supporting NIST's efforts in improving technology transfer and impact assessment. 

Mylene joined NIST in 2004 upon receiving her Master’s in Library Science. Prior to this, Mylene worked for the US Navy as a research engineer from 1988 until 2001. In this capacity, Mylene led several radar-cross section and infrared signature measurement experiments of full-scale Navy assets. She also managed research and development projects related to survivability, corrosion and vehicle system integration as part of the USMC’s research portfolio. In addition, Mylene was responsible for a variety of aircraft modeling and simulation studies.



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Mylene S. Ouimette, Jo Ann Remshard
Moving to a new information or knowledge management system can be a challenge for any institution, but for a large federal government agency the scope of such a
Created August 19, 2019