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Mark Esser (Fed)


Mark Esser has been a writer/editor in the NIST Public Affairs Office since October 2007. During that time, he has produced content in multiple mediums for internal and external audiences about NIST's history, programs, policy, people and research, including physics, nanotechnology, materials science, chemistry, standard reference materials (SRMs), and weights and measures. He has served as the media contact for various divisions, and he has represented NIST both as a tour guide and presenter and at conferences and expositions such as the AAAS Annual Meeting and the USA Science and Engineering Festival.

He launched NIST's Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn social media accounts in 2009 and served as primary administrator and content creator for the accounts until 2019.

He has written and narrated video scripts on scientific subjects, such as NIST's F-2 atomic clock and mercury reduction program, as well as recruitment videos and episodes of the NISTory video series.

He helped to create the League of SI Superheroes in 2014 and wrote, narrated and did voice acting for several episodes, in addition to developing other content featuring the Superheroes.

He has also produced other children's education content such as NIST in Your Day.

He launched the NIST Taking Measure blog in 2016 and served as contributing and managing editor until 2021.

He has written speeches and other content for the NIST director and other senior NIST management, and he has also written content for the Department of Commerce website and contributed to speeches and correspondence for several Secretaries of Commerce.

He now works in NIST's Internal Communications & Inquiries Group where he writes for NIST's internal newsletter, administrates and develops content for the internal website, and produces and programs content for NIST's internal digital signage.

Selected Taking Measure blog posts:

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Happy Retirement, Cone Calorimeter!

After 40 years in service as a groundbreaking NIST-invented device for measuring the flammability of materials at the lab bench scale, the NIST cone calorimeter
Created October 9, 2019, Updated June 7, 2024