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Liya Yu (Fed)

Liya Yu is a Process Engineer in the NanoFab Operations Group. She received a B.S. in Material Science from National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, and a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from North Carolina State University. After receiving her B.S., Liya worked as a front-end-of-line integration engineer at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, where she supervised logic and embedded memory production. For her doctoral research, Liya used deep level transient spectroscopy and electron beam induced current imaging in a scanning electron microscope to characterize the defects in high-K dielectric material and photovoltaic silicon. Prior to joining the CNST, she worked on process optimization for deep ultraviolet lithography at the North Carolina State University Nanofabrication Facility. Liya is responsible for developing and maintaining lithography processes, wet chemistry and wafer bonding in the NanoFab and for training and assisting users. She has also been leading the fabrication process development for NanoFab remote projects.


Nanolithography Toolbox


Bojan R. Ilic, Krishna Coimbatore Balram, Daron A. Westly, Marcelo I. Davanco, Karen E. Grutter, Qing Li, Thomas Michels, Christopher H. Ray, Liya Yu, Neal A. Bertrand, Samuel M. Stavis, Vladimir A. Aksyuk, James A. Liddle, Brian A. Bryce, Nicolae Lobontiu, Yuxiang Liu, Meredith Metzler, Gerald Lopez, David Czaplewski, Leonidas Ocola, Pavel Neuzil, Vojtech Svatos, Slava Krylov, Christopher B. Wallin, Ian J. Gilbert, Kristen A. Dill, Richard J. Kasica, Kartik A. Srinivasan, Gregory Simelgor, Juraj Topolancik

Multifocus microscopy with precise color multi-phase diffractive optics applied in functional neuronal imaging

Sara Abrahamsson, Robert Ilic, Jan Wisniewski, Brian Mehl, Liya Yu, Lei Chen, Marcelo I. Davanco, Laura Oudjedi, Jean Bernard Fiche, Bassam Hajj, Xin Jin, Joan Pulupa, Christine Cho, Mustafa Mir, Mohamed El Beheiry, Xavier Darzacq, Marcelo Nollmann, Maxime Dahan, Carl Wu, Timothee Lionnett, James Alexander Liddle, Cornelia Bargmann
Multifocus microscopy (MFM) allows high-resolution instantaneous three-dimensional (3D) imaging and has been applied to study biological specimens ranging from
Created October 9, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022