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Heather Patrick (Fed)

Heather Patrick is a Physicist in the Sensor Science Division at NIST. She is the project lead on ROSI (the Robotic Optical Scattering Instrument), the national reference instrument for specular and bidirectional reflectance in the ultraviolet to shortwave infrared spectral range. Dr. Patrick manages and conducts reflectance calibrations for stakeholders in government, industry, and academia and carries out research on reflectance and scattering of optical materials. She received the 2018 NIST Judson C. French award for advancing reflectance measurement technology through the development of ROSI.

Research projects


Optical scattering from surfaces

Bidirectional optical scattering facility

Optical grating scatterometry

Focused beam spectroscopic ellipsometry

Selected Publications


Created October 9, 2019, Updated July 12, 2023