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Gerard Henein (Fed)

Gerard Henein is a Process Engineer in the CNST NanoFab Operations Group. He received M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Materials Science from Northwestern University. Following postdoctoral research at Northwestern, he joined AT&T Bell Laboratories where he developed fabrication processes for semiconductor lasers, and researched opto-electronic packaging and transceiver design. Gerard acquired industrial experience leading projects and product development in several opto-electronic and nanotechnology start-up companies prior to joining NIST in 2005. At NIST, Gerard led a team of engineers and technicians to establish the CNST NanoFab clean room, including over 30 major tools for nanofabrication. He has been responsible for safety, facility operations, program visibility, resource management and facility users support. Gerard has 14 publications and 6 patents, and was awarded the Presidents Silver Award from Bell Laboratories in 1999 and the Department of Commerce Silver Medal in 2006. He currently oversees the deposition and wire bonding facilities in the NanoFab.

Selected Publications

  • Passive Alignment Optical Subassemblies for Military/Aerospace Fiber-Optic Transmitter/Receiver Applications, M.W. Beranek et al. (incl. G. Henein), Proceeding of the 49th Electronic Components and Technology Conference (1999).
  • Hybrid Integrated Silicon Optical Bench Planar Lightguide Circuits, J.V. Gates et al. (incl. G. Henein), Proceeding of the 48th Electronic Components and Technology Conference, Seattle (1998).
  • Uncooled Laser Packaging Based on Silicon Optical Bench Technology, J.V. Gates, G. Henein, J. Shmulovich, D.J. Muehlner, W.M. MacDonald and R.E. Scotti, Proceedings of SPIE, 2610, 126 (1996).
  • Diode-Pumped Q-Switched Yb:YAG Laser, T.Y. Fan, S. Klunk and G. Henein, Optics Letters, 18 (6), 423-425 (1993).
  • Elastic Modulus in Composition Modulated Silver-Palladium and Copper-Gold Foils, G.E Henein and J.E. Hilliard, Journal of Applied Physics, 54, 728 (1983).
  • Stresses Induced by TiPt Ohmic Contacts, G.E. Henein and W.R. Wagner, Journal of Applied Physics, 54, 6395 (1983).



Created October 9, 2019, Updated June 15, 2021