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Christina M. Jones, Ph.D. (Fed)

Research Chemist

Christina is currently a Research Chemist in the Organic Chemical Metrology Group where she leads programmatic efforts focused on quality assurance and quality control for metabolomics, a tool for precision medicine. As the field of metabolomics rapidly advances, there has been a parallel expansion of different measurement platforms capable of evaluating a broad range of diverse metabolites. Moreover, the immensity of metabolomics research leads to the introduction of many sources of variance throughout experimental workflows. Consequently, analytical data from instrumental platforms can be more variable than the actual biological changes being probed. It has become vital for NIST to engage the metabolomics community in measurement harmonization efforts in order to confirm, validate, and commercially translate biological discoveries. Her work involves developing quality assurance and quality control materials and data to improve the comparability of metabolomics measurements across all sectors of the metabolomics community.

Membership and Professional Activities

  • Metabolomics Society

  • Metabolomics Association of North America
    - Early Career Member Council

  • Metabolomics Quality Assurance and Quality Control Consortium (mQACC)
    - Coordinating Committee
    - Vice-Chair, Reference & Test Materials Working Group

  • American Society for Mass Spectrometry

  • Organizer of Virtual Podium


  • NIST Material Measurement Laboratory Strategic Partnership Accolade, 2019 

  • National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2015 

  • Facilitating Academic Careers in Engineering and Science (FACES) Fellowship, 2009 – 2013 

  • President's Fellowship, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2009–2013 

  • Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry, LSU & ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry, 2009 

  • Phi Beta Kappa Society, 2009 

  • Outstanding Research Achievement Award, LSU Department of Chemistry, 2009 

  • United Negro College Fund/Merck Undergraduate Science Research Scholarship Award, 2008 

  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute Exceptional Research Opportunities Program, 2007 

  • American Chemical Society Scholars Program, 2007 – 2009 


The need for multicomponent gas standards for breath biomarker analysis

Kavita Jeerage, Jennifer Berry, Jacolin Murray, Cassie Goodman, Paulina Piotrowski, Christina Jones, Christina Cecelski, Jennifer Carney, Katrice Lippa, Tara Lovestead
Exhaled breath is a non-invasive, information-rich matrix with the potential to diagnose or monitor disease, including infectious disease. Despite significant

Enhancing untargeted metabolomics using metadata-based source annotation

Scott Jackson, Paulina Piotrowski, Nancy Lin, Sandra M. Da Silva, Katrice Lippa, Christina Jones, Stephanie Servetas, Julia Gauglitz, Kiana West, Wout Bittremieux, Candace Williams, Kelly Weldon, Morgan Panitchpakdi, Francesca Ottavio, Christine Aceves, Elizabeth Brown, Nicole Sikora, Alan Jarmusch, Cameron Martino, Pieter Dorrestein, Rob Knight, Rachel Dutton, Austin Swafford, Monica Guma, Norberto Peporine Lopes, Brigid Boland, Michelli Oliveira, Mark Manary, Maria Gloria Dominguez-Bello, Kenneth Wright, Julia Beauchamp-Walters, Kyung Rhee, Jae Kim, Megan Doty, Robert Terkeltaub, David Gonzalez, Curt Wittenberg, Tatyana Kalashnikova, Parambir Dulai, Douglas Galasko, Rima Kaddurah Daouk, Robert Mills, Paulo Louzada-Junior, Rene Donizeti Ribeiro Oliveira, Thaigo Mattar Cunha, Flavio Protaso Veras, Rodrigo Moreira Silva, Juliano Geraldo Amaral, Lucas Maciel Mauriz Marques, Barry Bradford, Lourdes Herrera, Gail Ackermann, Dana Withrow, Daniela Vargas Robles, Kate Sprecher, Clarisse Marotz, Mingxun Wang, Emmanuel Elijah, Dominic Nguyen, Qiyun Zhu, Daniel McDonald, Edgar Diaz, Pedro Belda-Ferre, Katharina Spengler, Abigail Johnson, Gregory Humphrey, MacKenzie Bryant, Tara Schwartz, Lindsay Goldasich, Fernando Vargas, Roxana Coras, Justin Schaffer, Erfan Sayyari, Kathleen Dorrestein, Michael Meehan, Anupriya Tripathi
Human untargeted metabolomics studies annotate only 10% of molecular features. We introduce reference-data-driven analysis to match metabolomics tandem mass

Reference Materials for MS-based Untargeted Metabolomics and Lipidomics: A Review by the Metabolomics Quality Assurance and Quality Control Consortium (mQACC)

Katrice Lippa, William Davis, Christina Jones, Tracey Schock, Juan Aristizabal-Henao, Richard Beger, John Bowden, Corey Broeckling, Chris Beecher, Warwick Dunn, Roberto Flores, Goncalo Gouveia, Thomas Hartung, Matthew Lewis, Ioanna Ntai, Andrew Percy, Dan Raftery, Jinchun Sun, Georgios Theodoridis, Fariba Tayyari, Federico Torta, Candice Ulmer, Baljit Ubhi
Introduction The metabolomics quality assurance and quality control consortium (mQACC) is enabling the identification, development, prioritization and promotion
Created August 27, 2019, Updated August 22, 2023