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Optical Phantom for Producing a Time-Resolved Diffuse Reflectance Spectrum


Jeeseong Hwang, Heidrun Wabnitz

Patent Description Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) and NIST jointly developed a concept for a waveform synthesizer which can generate a controlled waveform with several picosecond (ps) time resolution. In a light-diffusing material, characteristics of the time-of-flight distribution (e.g
Presentation of technologies with similar applications as Electron Relectometry

Electron Reflectometer and Process for Performing Shape Metrology


Lawrence H. Friedman, Wen-Li Wu

Patent Description It has been discovered that an electron reflectometer and process for performing shape metrology provide electron reflectometry (ER) for measurement or determination of nanoscale dimensions in three dimensions at a surface with small-angle electron reflection. According to Fresnel
Line drawing of the thermal impedance amplifier

Thermal Impedance Amplifier


Adam McCaughan, Varun Verma, Sonia Buckley, Sae Woo Nam

Patent Description Presently, superconducting electronics are being applied to areas such as computational backends for future quantum processors, high-performance supercomputing, and ultrafast digital signal processing. In all of these areas, data must be communicated between the superconducting
A line drawing of the protector for photon detector

Protector for Photon Detector


David M. Rutter, Alan H. Band

Patent Description Avalanche photodiodes (APDs) are highly sensitive single photon counters and are used in fluorescence lifetime measurements, medical devices, safety equipment and optical communication devices among many other applications. They function by placing a high voltage across an
Line drawing of high efficiency photon detection

High Efficiency Photon Detection


Rachel Cannara, Fred Sharifi, Alex Smolyanitsky

Patent Description A detection pixel includes a material that is chosen so that its (averaged) atomic number density leads to the Compton process being the dominant scattering mechanism in response to incident photons, leading to production of Compton electrons with sufficient number and kinetic
Image of devices on a table with the text labels that read "Displacement sensor", "High temp lead wire", "Resistance sensor", and "Data acquisition".

Method of Thermal Expansion Compensation by Resistance Measurement


Matthew S. Hoehler, Christopher Smith

Patent Description The invention is a method of estimating thermal expansion in a "wire" (a long thin flexible element that may be metallic or nonmetallic) by measuring changes in its electrical resistance. In some materials, the electrical resistance and thermal expansion are both almost linearly
Image of line art representation of the ultra broad band continuously tunable electron beam pulser

Ultra Broad Band Continuously Tunable Electron Beam Pulser


Jiaqi Qiu, Sergey Baryshev, June W Lau, Yimei Zhu

Patent Description This invention relates to apparatus and methods for generating and controlling low and medium energy pulsed electron beams at very high rates. It is based on a key component, the Transverse Deflecting Cavity ElectroMagnetic-Mechanical Pulser (TDC-EMMP), cited in another patent: US
A line drawing showing the entire structure, which includes the resonator and supporting substrate.

Reticulated Resonator, Process for Making and Use of Same


Raymond Simmonds, Katarina Cicak, Cindy Regal, Pen-Li Yu, Yeghishe Tsaturyan, Thomas Purdy, Nir Kampel

Patent Description Mechanical resonators are widely used in wireless receivers, bio sensors, and timing and frequency control. Besides industry, in recent years in academia there is also considerable interest for ultrahigh precision sensing and fundamental science. A mechanical resonator with the
Image of diagrams for the Classic Mach - Zehnder interferometer, Microwae transmission line based vserion, and guided wave probe tip interacts with sample

Broadband Microwave Phase Shift Detector


Kin P. Cheung, Jason T Ryan, Jason Campbell

Patent Description The new NIST detector senses very small phase shifts in a highly balanced microwave bridge. An electric field optimized microwave probe, in close proximity to a sample, serves to perturb the degree of bridge balance due to a change in effective dielectric constant of the sample
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