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Optoelectromechanical Switch And Programming An Optical Network

NIST Inventors
Vladimir Aksyuk and Henri Lezec
Disclosed is an optoelectromechanical switch that includes: an optical feedline disposed on an isolation substrate that receives resonator light that is subject to optical communication to a resonator when a cavity length of the resonator supports an electromagnetic mode at the wavelength of the

Barcoded End Facet Printed Photonic Chip And Barcode-Guided Direct Laser Writing

NIST Inventors
Kartik Srinivasan and Edgar Perez
A barcoded end facet printed photonic chip includes: an optically transparent direct laser writing substrate including a transverse waveguide writing surface to receive a direct write laser light for off-axis direct write laser printing and a facet surface to receive the direct write laser light for

Quantum-Enabled Flow Cytometer

NIST Inventors
Sergey Polyakov and Ivan Burenkov
Flow cytometry is arguably the most powerful optical method routinely used in the diagnosis of health disorders and disease monitoring. We enhance an optical flow cytometer with a photon­ number statistics measurement. Our technique allows for an absolute measurement of biomarker concentration and

Optomechanical Accelerometer And Performing Optomechanical Accelerometry

NIST Inventors
Jason J. Gorman , Thomas W. LeBrun and David Long
An optomechanical accelerometer includes: a fiducial mass for a microscale Fabry-Perot optical cavity; a proof mass for the microscale Fabry-Perot optical cavity, such that the proof mass oscillates in a displacement motion toward and away from the fiducial mass in response to acceleration of the

Calibration Apparatus And Calibrating A Laser Doppler Vibrometer

NIST Inventors
Michael Gaitan , Benjamin Reschovsky and Akobuije Chijioke
A calibration apparatus for calibrating a laser Doppler vibrometer includes: a frequency shifter stage that: receives, from the laser Doppler vibrometer, primary laser light; produces frequency shifted light; communicates the frequency shifted light to a reflector; receives frequency shifted light

Quantum Flow Cytometer

NIST Inventors
Sergey Polyakov and Ivan Burenkov
A quantum flow cytometer for detecting an analyte with photon-number statistics includes: a flow cytometer that: receives a pump light in a first direction; receives an analyte flow comprising the analyte in a second direction; and produces scattered light from scattering the pump light by the

Body Cube And Process For Culturing Tissue

NIST Inventors
Mandy Esch
A body cube for culturing tissue that includes: an organ chip holder; and a body barrier chip and a first body organ chip disposed in the organ chip holder, the first body organ chip including a first cell culture chamber that receives cell culture medium and produces a first tissue in the first

Synchronizer And Synchronizing Transfer Over An Optical Link

NIST Inventors
Laura Sinclair , William C. Swann and JD Deschenes
A synchronizer for synchronizing transfer over an optical link includes a frequency reference oscillator; a tracking optical timing source; a tracking comb signal; a signal processor-controller; a comb timing discriminator; a clock frequency comb; a bidirectional terminal; a time-frequency offset

Fiber-To-Chip Coupler

NIST Inventors
Jeff Shainline and Saeed Khan
A fiber-to-chip coupler includes a substrate, a waveguide on a top surface of the substrate, an optical fiber axially aligned to the waveguide, and a cap. The waveguide has a uniform region with uniform width and a tapered-waveguide region having a width that adiabatically increases from a minimum

Low-loss Metasurface Optics For Deep UV

NIST Inventors
Henri Lezec and Wenqi Zhu
High-performance optical-metasurface-based components configured to at frequencies of UV light and, in particular, in deep UV range and performing multiple optical-wavefront-shaping functions (among which there are high-numerical-aperture lensing, accelerating beam generation, and hologram

Photonic Resonator Analyzer And Characterizing A Photonic Resonator

NIST Inventors
Zeeshan Ahmed
We describe a method for distinguishing optical modes of a resonator based on the characterization of the temperature sensitivity of a mode’s resonance frequency and its dispersion characteristics. This method requires an interrogator (made up of a tunable laser, broadband light source, frequency

PH Photothermal Spectrometer And Performing PH Photothermal Spectroscopy

NIST Inventors
Zeeshan Ahmed
A pH photothermal spectrometer includes a container that receives an analyte medium and pH-sensitive chromophore. An excitation fiber and optical thermometer are disposed in the container. The optical thermometer include a light receiver disposed on a temperature detector fiber.

Self-Referenced Ambient Radiation Thermometer

NIST Inventors
Howard W. Yoon
In this work, we describe the construction and characterization of an Ambient-Radiation Thermometer (ART) which can measure non-contact temperatures from -50 deg C to 150 deg C. To increase the long-term stability of the responsivity, optical components within the field-of-view of the detector and

Closed-loop Controlled Chemical Apparatus

NIST Inventors
Arvind Balijepalli , Curt A. Richter and Son T. Le
A closed-loop controlled chemical apparatus includes: a compound sensor including: an analyte sensor and that: produces, by the analyte sensor, a voltage signal; a reference sensor in electrical communication with the analyte sensor; a transistor including a gate terminal such that a drain current

Ultra-conformal Microprint And Ultra-conformal Microprint Transferring

NIST Inventors
Gary Zabow
A process for making an ultra-conformal microprint by ultra-conformal microprint transferring includes: disposing a transfer moiety arranged in a microstructure on a transfer substrate; disposing a glassy transfer layer on the transfer moiety; forming a glassy composite; removing the glassy

Multidimensional Printer

NIST Inventors
Glenn Holland and Andrei Kolmakov
A multidimensional printer makes a multidimensional structure from a liquid composition and includes: an energetic crosslinking particle source; a vacuum chamber that receives energetic crosslinking particles from the energetic crosslinking particle source; a membrane that transmits the energetic

Optical Refraction Barometer

NIST Inventors
Kevin O Douglass , Stephen Eckel , Jacob Edmond Ricker and Jay H. Hendricks
A new method for measuring refractivity-based pressure changes using a dual Fabry-Perot cavity utilizing a single laser with off-set sideband locking to the second cavity. The method thus far has shown sensitivity and resolution of 4 mPa.