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Optomechanical Accelerometer And Performing Optomechanical Accelerometry

Published Patent Application Numer: 2023/0017010


An optomechanical accelerometer includes: a fiducial mass for a microscale Fabry-Perot optical cavity; a proof mass for the microscale Fabry-Perot optical cavity, such that the proof mass oscillates in a displacement motion toward and away from the fiducial mass in response to acceleration of the optomechanical accelerometer; a basal member; microscale beams that mechanically suspend the proof mass from the basal member; and the microscale Fabry-Perot optical cavity that has a cavity resonance at a cavity resonance wavelength provided by the cavity length, receives excitation radiation at an excitation wavelength that is reflected in the cavity as dynamic cavity light when the excitation wavelength is resonant with the cavity resonance wavelength, and transmits the dynamic cavity light as cavity output light when the dynamic cavity light is produced from the excitation radiation.

Created March 10, 2023, Updated December 15, 2023