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Terminology Task Group

The FSSB’s Terminology Task Group is comprised of members from various OSAC units and is responsible for the management of the OSAC terminology processes. This includes the overall management of the OSAC Lexicon as well as managing and providing internal training on the OSAC preferred terms process. The group is available for consulting with the FSSB and all OSAC committees on terminology related issues. 


Tabitha Viner, Task Group Chair, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (member of OSAC's Wildlife Forensic Biology Subcommittee and Quality Task Group)

Vacant, Task Group Vice Chair

Vacant, Task Group Executive Secretary


Kenneth Aschheim, New York City Office of Chief Medical Examiner (Chair of OSAC's Forensic Odontology Subcommittee)

Catherine Brown, Collaborative Testing Services (CTS) (member of OSAC's Trace Materials Subcommittee)

Jason Bundy, Florida Department of Law Enforcement (Vice Chair of OSAC's Biology SAC and member of OSAC's Human Forensic Biology Subcommittee and Quality Task Group)

Erika Chen, New York Police Department Laboratory (member of OSAC's Ignitable Liquids, Explosives & Gunshot Residue Subcommittee)

Thomas David, Self-employed (member of OSAC's Forensic Odontology Subcommittee)

John Ellis, Law Offices of John C. Ellis, Jr. INC. (member of OSAC's VITAL Subcommittee and Legal Task Group)

Benjamin Figura, West Tennessee Regional Forensic Center (member of OSAC's Medicolegal Death Investigation Subcommittee)



Terminology Task Group Affiliates 

Will Guthrie, National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) FSSB Liaison 

Jeffrey Horlick, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Michael Kessler, Denton Texas Police Department (Chair of OSAC's Scene Examination SAC)

Sandra Koch, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) (Chair of OSAC's Trace Materials Subcommittee)

Gerald LaPorte, Florida International University (Vice Chair of OSAC's Physics/Pattern Interpretation SAC)

Sarah Lathrop, University of New Mexico (member of OSAC's Medicolegal Death Investigation Subcommittee)

Joy Martin, Gila River Health Care (member of OSAC's Forensic Nursing Subcommittee)

Alicia McCarthy, Thomas College (member of OSAC's Footwear & Tire Subcommittee & Human Factors Task Group affiliate)

Melanie McMillin, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (member of OSAC's Fire & Explosion Subcommittee and Quality Task Group)




Reta Newman, Pinellas County Forensic Laboratory (Vice Chair of OSAC's Chemistry: Seized Drugs & Toxicology SAC)

Lori Nix, Georgia Bureau of Investigation (member of OSAC's Facial & Iris Identification Subcommittee & Quality Task Group member)

Christopher Plourd, State of California (member of OSAC's Forensic Toxicology Subcommittee & Legal Task Group)

Chris Taylor, Defense Forensic Science Center (including USACIL) (Chair of OSAC's Chemistry: Trace Evidence SAC)

Richard Thomas, Federal Bureau of Investigation (member of OSAC's Forensic Anthropology Subcommittee and Trace Materials affiliate)

Sara Walker, Intermountain Forensics (OSAC's FSSB Vice Chair, AFQAM representative and Quality Task Group member)


Created May 14, 2020, Updated April 18, 2024