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OFPM Architectural Design Review Board

In the Summer of 2018, the OFPM Architectural Design Review Board (ADRB) was created to provide a process for project review and in direct response to recommendations contained in the NIST Gaithersburg Campus and the DoC Boulder Labs Master Plans that were developed by OFPM’s Capital Asset Management and Facilities Planning Group (CAM).  The purpose of the OFPM ADRB design review process is to preserve and enhance the beauty, order and historic integrity of NIST's campuses (Gaithersburg & Boulder). The ADRB, therefore, is made up of OFPM architects, engineers and chaired by the NIST Federal Preservation Officer. The Board meets quarterly to:

  1. Promote high quality architectural and landscape architectural design
  2. Assure that designs are consistent with goals and principles of the campus master plans, and
  3. Encourage project designs that are compatible with the historic content of the campuses

Going forward, most major projects across all OFPM divisions shall require ADRB review and approval. Ongoing repair and maintenance projects typically will not require ADRB review.

I. Projects Requiring ADRB Submittal
  1. All new construction or additions, including utility/mechanical enclosures.
  2. Renovations affecting any part of the exterior of a building or structure, (including windows, frames, and doors)
  3. Site improvements including landscape designs, sidewalks, fences, roadways, memorials, shelters, parking, signage, and utilities
  4. Any facility projects determined by OFPM Senior Management to require ADRB review
  5. All interior public spaces such as lobbies, conference spaces, dining halls, libraries, publicly accessible corridors and stairs.
II. Projects Not Requiring ADRB Submittal

The following projects normally do not require review by the ADRB but may require submittal, review and approval by the NIST Federal Preservation Officer:

  1. In-kind repair of existing sidewalks, roadways, parking areas that do not change the extent, materials, location or character of these items;
  2. Projects involving the in-kind replacement of trees, shrubs, and other plant materials that do not result in a change in the existing character of the site; and
  3. Projects involving the replacement, but not the relocation or extension, of underground utilities
III. Materials required for ADRB Submittal and Review

Projects should be brought before the ADRB at the 15% concept design level and the 35% Design Development phase. Recognizing that available information and the level of detail of information for individual projects will vary the Board requests as much information as might be available, including:

  1. Brief narrative describing the design and the rationale
  2. Drawings and plans
  3. Photographs and/or renderings or perspective(s)
  4. Material Samples such as brick panels or other major design elements required by the construction contract shall be reviewed and approved by the ADRB.


Created October 19, 2018, Updated May 16, 2023