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Office of Facilities and Property Management (OFPM)

The Office of Facilities and Property Management (OFPM), headed by the Chief Facilities Management Officer (CFMO), serves as the NIST focal point for safely and reliably managing and operating NIST facilities, and providing cost-effective and efficient services and infrastructure programs essential for NIST's operations at all sites, ensuring maximum responsiveness to the needs of NIST's technical programs

The OFPM is responsible for facility activities and services, including: space and real property management; facilities planning; building design, construction and renovation; building system operation, maintenance and repair; central plant operation and utility distribution services; grounds maintenance; janitorial services; oversight and support for NIST construction grants; facilities support services including mail, reproduction, transportation, visual communications, logistics and personal property management; and Boulder site management.


The mission of the Office of Facilities and Property Management is to advance NIST's mission success by planning, building, operating, maintaining and servicing facilities that provide a safe, secure and sustainable environment.