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Making a NIST Case for Preservation

For centuries, great men and women have been putting down words of wisdom, inspiration and vision onto paper, parchment and a host of other materials. Since the 1950s, NIST has been called upon to keep some of our most cherished documents not only safe and secure but also available to for public viewing within encasements that are truly technological wonders. Get the inside story in “Making a NIST Case for Preservation.”

Preserving Our Nation’s Watchwords: The Charters of Freedom Encasements

A man looking at the Declaration of Independence in its NIST-designed and manufactured encasement
A visitor to the National Archives in Washington, D.C., views the Declaration of Independence safe within its NIST-designed and manufactured encasement.
Credit: National Archives and Records Administration

Guaranteeing a Long Lifetime for ‘America’s Birth Certificate’

The Waldseemüller Map in the NIST-built encasement at the Library of Congress
The Waldseemüller Map on display at the Library of Congress within its NIST-built protective encasement.
Credit: Library of Congress

Protecting the Law of the Land … Literally

Photo of the Magna Carta on display at NARA
The 1297 Magna Carta on display at the National Archives in its NIST-designed and machined encasement.
Credit: National Archives and Records Administration

NIST Builds a Secure Home for the ‘Second Declaration of Independence’

scientist installing Emancipation Proclamation
Mechanical engineer Jacob Ricker preparing the NIST encasements housing the Emancipation Proclamation (left) and the 13th Amendment (right) before final installation in their new home at the National Museum of African American History and Culture.
Credit: C. Suplee/NIST




Created June 19, 2017, Updated October 24, 2018