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Any Object, Any Need... Call NIST

NIST’s connections to history include applying our science and technology expertise to very diverse, and sometimes very unusual, artifacts. From aerial weapons to a zealot’s coins, we’ve helped examine, analyze and protect the items that have shaped and defined our civilization throughout time.  The collection of their tales is on display in “Any Object, Any Need... Call NIST.”


Giving New Wings to an Old Bat

Photo of a Bat missile mounted underneath the wing of a U.S. Navy aircraft
A Bat missile mounted underneath a U.S. Navy aircraft in 1945.
Credit: U.S. Navy


Science Makes a Royal Rescue Possible

Photo of the crown, sword and Globus Cruciger of Hungary
The Crown, Sword and Globus Cruciger of Hungary, all considered parts of the country’s crown jewels.
Credit: Qorilla Schopenhauer derivative work: CSvBibra [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL ], via Wikimedia Commons

Figuring Out the Realm for the ‘Coin of the Realm’

The front and back of a prutah coin
The front and back of a prutah, a coin of first century Judea, scientifically examined by NIST.
Credit: D. Hendin/American Numismatic Society


To the Moon and Back... in 2.5 Seconds

Buzz Aldrin (from the back) in his moonsuit carrying the NIST laser retroreflector to install it on the moon
Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin deploys instruments, including the laser retroreflector on his right, on the lunar surface.
Credit: NASA




Created June 19, 2017, Updated September 28, 2017