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Journal of Research of NIST Volume 123


Volume 123 (2018)

ISSN: 2165-7254
Journal of Research of NIST Article Types


A Model for the Binding of Fluorescently Labeled Anti-Human CD4 Monoclonal Antibodies to CD4 Receptors on Human Lymphocytes
Lili Wang, Adolfas K. Gaigalas, Paul C. DeRose
Published December 14, 2018

Industrial Wireless End-to-End Measurements and Impacts in a Gas-Sensing Scenario
Mohamed Kashef and Richard Candell
Published December 11, 2018

Implementation of an Effective Bond Energy Formalism in the Multicomponent Calphad Approach
Nathalie Dupin, Ursula R. Kattner, Bo Sundman, Mauro Palumbo, Suzana G. Fries
Published November 26, 2018
Supplemental Materials:

Gain Calibration of Current-to-Voltage Converters
Thomas Larason and C. Cameron Miller
Published November 19, 2018; Current Version: April 14, 2020

Calibration Fluids and Calibration Equations: How Choices May Affect the Results of Density Measurements Made with U-Tube Densimeters
Stephanie L. Outcalt
Published October 9, 2018

Effect of Charpy Striker Configuration on Low- and High-Energy NIST Verification Specimens
Enrico Lucon and Jolene Splett
Published September 12, 2018

A Normalized Congruent Matching Area Method for the Correlation of Breech Face Impression Images
Zhe Chen, John Song, Wei Chu, Mingsi Tong, XueZeng Zhao
Published August 6, 2018

Realizations of the Triple Point of Sulfur Hexafluoride in Transportable and Refillable Cells
Weston L. Tew and Klaus N. Quelhas
Published July 2, 2018

Measurements of Scatter Peaks in 137Cs and 60Co Sources
Leticia Pibida and David West
Published June 28, 2018

Correlation of Neutron-Based Strain Imaging and Mechanical Behavior of Armor Steel Welds Produced with the Hybrid Laser Arc Welding Process
Jeffrey W. Sowards, Daniel S. Hussey, David L. Jacobson, Stan Ream, Paul Williams
Published June 11, 2018

Primary Determination of Particle Number Concentration with Light Obscuration and Dynamic Imaging Particle Counters
Dean C. Ripple and Paul C. DeRose
Published January 11, 2018

Transient Thermal Response of a Guarded-Hot-Plate Apparatus for Operation Over an Extended Temperature Range
William C. Thomas and Robert R. Zarr
Published January 8, 2018


Ⓓ Dispersion and Burning Behavior of Hydrogen Released in a Full-Scale Residential Garage in the Presence and Absence of Conventional Automobiles – Supplemental Video Materials
William M. Pitts, Jiann C. Yang, Kuldeep Prasad, Marco Fernandez
Published July 11, 2018

Ⓓ A Software Assurance Reference Dataset: Thousands of Programs With Known Bugs
Paul E. Black
Published April 16, 2018


Ⓢ A Model of a Wireless Factory Work-Cell Using the Systems Modeling Language
Richard Candell
Published October 25, 2018

Ⓢ Software to Determine Sphere Center from Terrestrial Laser Scanner Data per ASTM Standard E3125-17
Prem Rachakonda, Bala Muralikrishnan, Luc Cournoyer, Daniel Sawyer
Published July 12, 2018

Ⓢ Baseline Tailor
Joshua Lubell
Published June 26, 2018

Ⓢ FEASST: Free Energy and Advanced Sampling Simulation Toolkit
Harold W. Hatch, Nathan A. Mahynski, Vincent K. Shen
Published March 1, 2018

Ⓢ NISTfit: A Natively Multithreaded C++11 Framework for Model Development
Ian Bell and Matthias Kunick
Published February 12, 2018
Supplemental Materials:


Ⓣ Performance Testing of Hydraulic Cements: Measuring Sulfate Resistance
Chiara F. Ferraris, Paul E. Stutzman, Max Peltz
Published May 25, 2018; Current Version: April 22, 2019

Research and Technology Applications

Ⓐ Concept to Commercialization of an Artifact for Evaluating Three-Dimensional Imaging Systems per ASTM E3125-17
Bala Muralikrishnan, Prem Rachakonda, Vincent Lee, Meghan Shilling, Daniel Sawyer, Geraldine Cheok, Luc Cournoyer, Joe Gleason
Published June 29, 2018

Created January 28, 2019, Updated April 22, 2020