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History Publications

This page provides links to the official NBS/NIST history books: Measures for Progress, A Unique Institution, and Responding to National Needs. It also includes links to articles relating to NBS/NIST history that were published in the Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology and other publications.

Official NIST Histories

Measures for Progress: A History of the National Bureau of Standards. (1966)

A Unique Institution: The National Bureau of Standards, 1950-1969.  (1999)

Responding to National Needs: The National Bureau of Standards Becomes the National Institute of Standards and Technology, 1969-1993. (2000)


Journal of Research of NIST

A Tale About the First Weights and Measures Intercomparison in the United States in 1832, p. 31
Albert C. Parr


"A Doubt is at Best an Unsafe Standard": Measuring Sugar in the Early Bureau of Standards, p. 53
David Singerman


WWVB: A Half Century of Delivering Accurate Frequency and Time by Radio
Michael A. Lombardi and Glenn K. Nelson


The NIST Length Scale Interferometer, p. 225
John S. Beers and William B. Penzes


NIST Connections

These articles originally appeared in NIST Connections, the NIST employee newsletter. All of the articles listed here are written by Information Services Office Staff.

Dinner Is on Us: NIST and the Creation of Fiestaware
By Keith Martin, Librarian

The Rediscovery of the NBS Crime Lab Or How an NBS Dental Materials Researcher Became ‘Detective X’

By Kristen Frederick-Frost, Museum Curator


By Kristen Frederick-Frost, Museum Curator
By Keith Martin, Librarian
By Keith Martin, Librarian
By Katelynd Bucher, Librarian
Created September 22, 2016, Updated February 22, 2017