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More History Resources


History Program Headline which includes black and white images of the Washington D.C., Boulder and Gaithersburg NIST campuses.
Landscape images from left to right: Washington, D.C. Campus, c. 1920s; Boulder Campus, c. 1950s; Gaithersburg Campus, 1969.

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Historical Collection

Ferdinand Rudolph Hassler

There are approximately 1,100 titles in the NIST Historical Collection. This collective resource contains the writings of both prominent and famous scientists in the fields of physics, chemistry, mathematics and engineering; historical reports from government agencies that predate the National Bureau of Standards; collected papers of prominent NBS/NIST authors, and the writings of Ferdinand Hassler.

From the NIST Archives

Photo of Dr. Anna C. Fraker with a laboratory sample metal hip replacement prosthesis.
Dr. Anna C. Fraker, materials scientist, is depicted displaying a laboratory sample of a metal hip replacement prosthesis. This image is part of the Metal Fatigue collection.
Credit: NIST

The Archives Program provides comprehensive information about NBS/NIST historical programs and accomplishments by collecting, documenting, organizing and preserving significant archival materials.

Archival Resources

NIST History Publications

The following are official NBS/NIST history books and articles relating to NBS/NIST history that were published in the Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology and other publications.

Official NIST Histories

Journal of Research of NIST

NIST Connections

These articles originally appeared in NIST Connections, the NIST employee newsletter. All of the articles listed here are written by Information Services Office Staff.

NIST Biographies

Jacob Rabinow

Jacob Rabinow





Created September 22, 2016, Updated January 3, 2024