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Toilet Learning

We recognize that the toilet learning process may be challenging for both children and parents. When to begin helping a child learn to use the toilet should be a decision made largely by parents and based on signs of readiness from the child. Beginning too early often leads to frustration and power struggles between the child and adult. The importance of individualizing the age at which children learn to use the toilet cannot be over emphasized. If you are helping your child at home with this developmental task, please let us know so we can assist your child at school. This is definitely a time when we need to be partners.

Parents are asked to provide disposable diapers and wipes for your child. A child who is being taught to use the toilet should wear "training" underpants. He/she will be encouraged to use the toilet periodically. We discourage the use of "pull-ups" or rubber pants. Clothing from accidents will be sent home for laundering. We ask that you provide a minimum of 2 sets of clean clothing that will remain at the Center for use if the need arises.

At school, toilet training is done in a positive and encouraging way. Your child will be offered several opportunities to use the bathroom. If he/she needs help dressing or undressing, a staff member will be happy to assist. Children will be encouraged to be self-sufficient as much as possible. Children are neither punished for accidents nor physically forced to use the toilet, but are encouraged to do so. We request that a similar program be used at home. Please talk with the staff if you need any ideas or suggestions. We find a consistent approach is the best way to get children on the right track in using the bathroom.

Created August 11, 2009, Updated October 5, 2010