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Parent Interests and Involvement

Transitioning to the CCC

New families whose child will be entering the Center are provided an opportunity to discuss the Center's policies/procedures and any concerns they may have with the Director or Assistant Director. The parents and child are encouraged to visit the Center, prior to the child's first day of class, to meet the staff and become familiar with the environment. We strongly recommend that your child spend time in the classroom with the parent to ease the transition from home to school. Class visits can be arranged through the Director.

Transitioning between CCC Classrooms

Besides the initial transition that you and your child make when you enroll in our Center, the next adjustment will be moving your child from one class to the next (i.e., progression). In some cases this may involve moving with the class, or changing teachers and peers. We strongly recommend that you talk with your child about the transition, and possibly visit the new classroom prior to participation.

Transitioning to Elementary School or Other Settings

The CCC Staff are available to make any moves outside the CCC as smooth and stress-free as possible. Our staff is available, at your request, to talk with your child's new elementary school teacher or other caregiver. Past medical and education information will be supplied to county school systems when your child leaves our kindergarten program and transitions to first grade with your written approval.

Classroom Orientation

At the beginning of each school year, each classroom hosts orientation "Back to School" night between teachers and parents. We strongly recommend that you attend to discuss curricula, operations, expectations, communications, etc., of your child's new classroom. This event is best suited for adults only.

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Created August 13, 2009, Updated March 29, 2011