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Mandatory Withdrawal

Families may be asked to withdraw from the CCC for any of the following reasons:

  1. Delinquency of tuition or fees;
  2. Non-compliance with the CCC policies;
  3. Inability of the child or parent to adjust to the CCC's program; or
  4. Inappropriate or unacceptable behavior toward Center staff or other enrolled children.

With the exception of withdrawal due to delinquency of tuition or fees, parents will be notified 2 weeks in advance of the termination date for their child. Prior to termination, a 1-4 week probationary period will be established by the CCC Director. Continuing attempts will be made to work together with the parents to find a solution and/or resolve the problem. Community resources will be utilized to the fullest extent possible. If the problem or situation is unresolved following this probationary period, the child will be withdrawn. The Center Director, as representative of the NIST CCC, is the final authority on termination of a child.

Created August 19, 2009, Updated October 5, 2010