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History and Governance of the NIST Child Care Center

The NIST Child Care Center (NIST CCC) is operated as a non-profit organization that provides a service for children of employees affiliated with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Gaithersburg, Maryland. We expanded our service to children of Federal employees (non-NIST) in 2004.

The NIST CCC has been in operation, and licensed by the Maryland State Department of Education, Office of Child Care, since September 1983. The Center's full-day kindergarten program, established in 1995, is approved as a non-public school by the Maryland State Department of Education.

The CCC is an independent organization that operates on NIST's campus through a Memorandum of Agreement between NIST management and the NIST Child Care Association (CCA). NIST management is not involved in the Child Care Association nor the policies and practices of the CCC, its staff and the Association's Board of Directors.


The policies of the NIST CCC are governed by the NIST Child Care Association (CCA) Board of Directors. The CCA is the business entity that manages the non-profit affairs of the Child Care Center. The by-laws of the organization govern the membership activities and the responsibilities of the Board Directors.

The NIST CCA Board of Directors consists of a minimum of eight elected members, an accounts bookkeeper, a NIST Liaison, and the NIST CCC Director. Elected board members serve a 2-year term, with elections for four seats on the board being held every year.

Current Members*

President Shannon Hoogerheide 301-975-8582
Vice President Mandy Esch 301-975-8575
Treasurer Lindsay Harris 301-975-2613
Secretary Carolyn Burdette 301-975-4756
Personnel Officer Terry Sepehri 301-975-8205
Fundraising Officer Bryan Remley 301-975-6258
Member-at-Large Michael Berilla 301-975-2441
Member-at-Large Dan Gopman 301-975-4047
Member-at-Large Katherine Kim 301-796-7589
Bookkeeper Leslie Barkley  
Director Tracey Rex 301-975-8898

(*2020-2021 year)

Created August 10, 2009, Updated November 5, 2020