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Conditions for Enrollment

Pay a one-time security deposit, which is held in escrow. The deposit is refunded within one month after the child is no longer enrolled at the Center as long as payment of all tuition and associated activities fees are current.

The parent or grandparent must become a member of the NIST Child Care Association and pay the annual fee. Membership affords opportunity to vote for BOD members, per fee paid. This membership must be maintained as long as the child is enrolled at the Center.

The parent or guardian must complete a packet of enrollment forms before the child begins class. The packet includes a financial agreement form, an emergency contact card, health forms to be completed by the child's physician, and many others. Several of these forms must be updated annually, in August or September, as the new school year begins. Current, updated forms are required for all children each year.

Conditions for Termination of Enrollment

Repeated problems with tuition payments (see Appendix D: Bi-Weekly Tuition Rates).

The child and/or the parents are unwilling or unable to adhere to the NIST Child Care Center philosophy and policies.

If the parent or grandparent is (1) no longer a NIST employee, Federal employee working at the NIST site, Child Care Center staff, NIST guest researcher or post- doctoral appointee, NIST-affiliated contractor, or Federal employee (non-NIST) and (2) the position presently occupied by their child could be filled by a child on the waiting list, then the child will only be allowed to remain at the Center until the end of the present school year (late August).

Created August 10, 2009, Updated October 5, 2010