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Appendix A: Schedule of Fees (as of August 2009)

Registration Processing Fee (initial, one-time)
$ 50.00
Deposit (initial, one-time)
Tuition (every two weeks)
see Appendix D
Meals (included in tuition)
Returned Check or Insufficient Funds (each occurrence)
$ 25.00
Late Tuition Checks (per workday late)
$ 5.00
Late Pick-up (first 5 minutes after 6:00pm EST, or any portion thereof)
Late Pick-up (every minute after 6:05pm EST)
$ 1.00
Early Closing (first five minutes after official closing time, or any portion thereof)
Early Closing (every minute after the first 5 minutes after official closing time)
$ 1.00
CCA membership (annual)
Field Trips (as scheduled)
Transportation (as scheduled)
Summer Specials (each Spring)
see CCC Director
Tax Deductible Donations
see CCC Director
Summer Camp Registration Processing Fee (each Spring)
Published in Spring
Summer Camp (per session)
Published in Spring

Created August 10, 2009, Updated October 5, 2010