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Appendix B: Rules of Conduct Between Staff and Families

Parents can expect to be given regular, positive and constructive feedback on a routine basis, through conversations with teachers and administrative staff at drop-off and pick-up times, phone calls to/from the Center staff, individual daily notes from the infant/toddler programs, etc. Concerns and constructive feedback from Center staff will be communicated verbally or in writing, and in a professional and timely manner.

Negotiating Differences between staff and parents

All members of the CCA are responsible for the smooth functioning of the Center. Communication should remain respectful and professional at all times. CCA members are expected to bring their concerns directly and promptly to the involved party. Problems must be clearly stated with thought given to possible solutions. If the difference is between parent and a teacher, and the parent is not satisfied with the teacher's response or needs more information, the parent should speak immediately with the CCC Director.

We are of the mind that it is better to address a concern rather than suppress it. We recommend that concerns should be addressed directly between the parties involved as it allows for resolution between the parties most directly impacted. If a CCA member is uncomfortable addressing the involved party directly, s/he should approach the Director or Assistant Director. With the Director, a method of handling the concern will be agreed upon. In most occasions, the Director will recommend accompanying the CCA member to have a discussion with the involved party.

If a concern involves the Director, and the involved party is not comfortable approaching the Director, they should seek out a Board member. Board members will encourage the party to approach the Director. They will be willing to accompany the individual in a discussion or communicate the concern on the parent's behalf. If the individual does not want to take action, the Board member will judge whether the issue is significant to the CCA community and may bring it to the attention of the Director without naming the individual. The parent will be notified of this intended action.

Hand in hand with the expectation of respectful, direct and timely communication comes our stand against gossip and rumors. This type of communication is never constructive, and can tear at the professional, supportive, courteous culture we work so hard to cultivate.

Children as our focus

Creating a constructive community built on mutual respect, caring and appreciation is the CCC's top priority. This is accomplished by increasing direct communication, discouraging gossip, and addressing concerns and problems through appropriate channels. The health, safety, well being, and appropriate development of children are our priorities. In all circumstances, CCA members should be guided by how the best interests of the children can be served.

Created August 10, 2009, Updated October 5, 2010