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Announcing OWM’s New (Web and Excel Searchable) Technical Article Library

By: Katrice Lippa

Digital library as a computer with electronic files
Credit: Adobe Stock

OWM staff have consistently published newsletter articles over the years to keep our customers and stakeholders informed on current weights and measures issues and topics of interest. 

We recently compiled these “nuggets of information” into a single OWM Technical Article Library as part of our Products and Services webpage. This library includes the technical articles grouped by publication date, together with the general topic area and specific keywords. We will add any new technical articles to the library as we publish them in our quarterly newsletter. 

We also provide an updated Excel version of the table, which allows users to download the information (including the direct hyperlinks to each article) and sort it by Topic Area or Keywords. This is a great management tool for assigning “training” or “learning material” for staff development. It is also a great tool for users to sort by areas of interest and priority. 

Screenshot of Excel version of the table (for full version see Excel file here)

Screenshot of Technical Article Spreadsheet
Credit: NIST

We thank you for your continued suggestions and ideas on how to improve our web pages and e-learning resources. Please reach out to any of the OWM staff or owm [at] (owm[at]nist[dot]gov) with any additional comments, feedback, thoughts, or recommendations.

Released June 26, 2024