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Understanding Cybersecurity Career Paths

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Credit: NICE


Cybersecurity Career Week

October 16-21, 2023

Identifying Multiple Pathways Image
Credit: NICE

The pathways to – and through – a career in cybersecurity are truly innumerable, beginning with a wide array of starting points, moving through countless combinations of education, training, and learning experiences, and leading to a broad range of cybersecurity of job opportunities.

To help navigate these multiple pathways, a curated list of resources are available online, including the recently released poster and report on Identifying Multiple Cybersecurity Career Pathways

Cybersecurity Paths and Ladders

Join us virtually today at 2-3pm ET for a webinar where we will feature subject matter experts and cybersecurity practitioners who have advice and insight on how best to gain traction on your future career success. Register online to receive the webinar link. 

There are several other events and activities happening around the globe during Cybersecurity Career Week. Find one to participate in by exploring the event portal online. 

View All Events and Activities

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Released October 19, 2023, Updated October 20, 2023