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It’s Not Too Late to Get Involved In Cybersecurity Career Week

CCW Banner With Date and Hashtags
Credit: NICE


Cybersecurity Career Week

October 16-21, 2023


Join in on the Cybersecurity Career Week social media fun! Share your story about how you found a cybersecurity career, why you want to join the cybersecurity workforce, or where others can find cybersecurity career resources. Don’t forget to use hashtags #CyberCareerWeek, #MyCyberJob, and #ChooseCyber.


Although we spent this week promoting the discovery of cybersecurity careers and sharing resources that increase understanding of the multiple learning pathways that lead to those careers, you can stay engaged on this topic throughout the year!

Access online career discovery resources, participate in the Promote Career Discovery Working Group, or sign up to become a Cybersecurity Career Ambassador

Events during Cybersecurity Career Week haven’t ended yet! There are several community events happening around the globe. Find one to participate in by exploring the event portal online.

View All Events and Activities

Cybersecurity Career Week is coordinated by NICE and supported by a community of government, academic, non-profit, and private industry stakeholders. Commercial entities, materials, and resources provided in support of Cybersecurity Career Week may be included in this email or on the web site or linked web sites. Such identification is not intended to imply recommendation or endorsement by NIST.

Released October 20, 2023