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Happy Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week!

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Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week is here!

Credit: Shutterstock

Several activities are happening throughout the week!

Please visit for additional information, details, and registration links.

WHAT IS IT? A week-long campaign to promote awareness and exploration of cybersecurity careers.

WHERE IS IT? Everywhere! Participate in a virtual event, in-person event, or on social media by taking the six-day #mycyberjob Social Media Challenge.

CAN’T PARTICIPATE TODAY? There are many more activities happening throughout the week. Check out our list of Special Events and Activities and commit to participating.

LOOKING FOR RESOURCES? Explore the online Toolkit to access posters, infographics, videos and more that provides information about cybersecurity careers.

Information and Updates

Learn more about events and resources in support of
Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week at

Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week is led by the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. 

Released October 18, 2021, Updated October 19, 2021