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19th International Workshop on Low Temperature Detectors (LTD19)

The 19th International Workshop on Low Temperature Detectors (LTD19) is an opportunity for researchers from around the world to exchange information about the science of cryogenic sensors, instruments based on these sensors, and applications of these instruments.  The LTD workshop has been held every two years since 1986.  In 2021, LTD19 will be held virtually due to the covid19 pandemic.  The workshop will consist of oral and poster presentations, vendor exhibits, and a job fair. 

LTD19 will consist of 8 half-day sessions spread over 2 weeks. During the first week (July 19-23), the sessions will be held in the U.S. morning to accommodate participants joining from European time zones. During the second week (July 26-29), the sessions will be held late in the U.S. day to accommodate participants joining from Asian time zones. A detailed schedule will be released later. 

Local Organizing Committee

  • Joel Ullom, NIST and University of Colorado Boulder (Chairman)
  • Douglas Bennett, NIST
  • Mark Croce, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Gene Hilton, NIST
  • Nils Halverson, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Johannes Hubmayr, NIST
  • Katrina Koehler, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Adriana Lita, NIST
  • Ben Mates, NIST
  • Kelsey Morgan, NIST and University of Colorado Boulder
  • Sae Woo Nam, NIST
  • Michael Rabin, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Daniel Swetz, NIST
  • Jordan Wheeler, NIST
  • Barry Zink, Denver University

Call for Abstracts:

The LTD conference planning committee invites researchers in the field of low temperature detection to present a poster or give a contributed talk during this year's virtual conference. Researchers interested in presenting during the conference should plan to submit an abstract for consideration by April 23, 2021

Please review the instructions below prior to preparing your materials: 

  • Your abstract should be no more than 1,500 characters in length (not including your title, authors, and affiliations). 
  • Please submit your materials using our Call for Papers Form
  • You will be asked when you submit your materials to indicate your preferred presentation format (oral presentation, poster, or no preference). 
  • You will also be asked to select your presentation topic area from the following section below. 
  • Please note that your presentation will be recorded for viewing during the event. 

Topic areas: 

  • Applications: dark matter and rare events
  • Applications: astrophysics and cosmology
  • Applications: materials analysis
  • Applications: metrology
  • Applications: quantum information science
  • Applications: other
  • Readout: cryogenic elements
  • Readout: warm electronics
  • Devices: TESs
  • Devices: MMCs
  • Devices: MKIDs
  • Devices: SNSPDs
  • Devices: strongly quantum
  • Devices: other
  • Instruments: x-ray, gamma-ray
  • Instruments: optical, uv
  • Instruments: submm
  • Instruments: mm-wave
  • Instruments: other
  • Supporting science: cryogenics
  • Supporting science: microfabrication
  • Supporting science: low temperature material properties
  • Supporting science: other

Important Dates:

  • March 29, 2021: Call for abstracts opens
  • April 16  April 23, 2021: Abstract submission deadline  
  • Week of May 10, 2021: Speaker notification
  • Week of May 17, 2021: Registration opens
  • July 19-22, 2021: 1st week of conference
  • July 26-29, 2021: 2nd week of conference
Created March 24, 2021, Updated April 14, 2021