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News and Updates

A Better Way to Measure Acceleration

You’re going at the speed limit down a two-lane road when a car barrels out of a driveway on your right. You slam on the brakes, and within a fraction of a

Projects and Programs

Photonic Dosimetry

As part of the NIST on a Chip program, the Photonic Dosimetry project is developing in-situ sub-micrometer ionizing-radiation dosimetry and calorimetry leading


A system for probing Casimir energy corrections to the condensation energy

Diego J. Perez, Alexander Stange, Richard Lally, Lawrence Barrett, Matthias Imboden, Abhishek Som, David Campbell, Vladimir Aksyuk, David Bishop
In this article, we present a nano-electromechanical system (NEMS) designed to detect changes in the Casimir Energy. The Casimir effect is a result of the

Tools and Instruments