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MML Measures Up

We help new industries grow and established industries thrive.


NIST’s Material Measurement Laboratory (MML) contributes important research and successful reference materials for the booming fields of biopharmaceutical manufacturing, precision medicine, and synthetic biology, and addresses the difficult issue of reproducibility in biomedical research.

In recent years, we introduced a very small nanoparticle reference material and developed a way to make industrial-grade nanotubes on an industrial scale. On the national scale, we are leading a new data- driven paradigm for materials discovery, and developing the measurement methods and standards that additive manufacturing needs to mature.

Our long-time support of traditional—but economically critical— enterprises like chemical manufacturing, fuel transport and storage, and refrigeration continues, as does our commitment to the analytical infrastructure for clinical diagnostic tests, environmental monitoring, and law enforcement and national security.

Learn more about how our measurement science contributes to the U.S. economy and your quality of life from the MML Measures Up series.

$150 million budget
242 formal agreements with members of industry, academia, and other government agencies

>1000 staff members and visiting scientists
7 sites across the country


Created June 4, 2018