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Materials for Energy and Sustainable Development Group

The Materials for Energy and Sustainable Development Group develops and disseminates measurement science, measurement standards, and measurement technology pertaining to the measurement of all functional properties of advanced materials and devices, including chemical, electrical, thermal, optical, and magnetic properties.

The Group also determines and disseminates key data needed to establish the relationships between structure, functional properties, and performance of inorganic and hybrid materials and devices. The Group's activities are carried out in three project areas: Combinatorial Measurement Methods, Nanocalorimetry, and Thermoelectric Measurements and Standards.

News and Updates

MRS Bulletin Material Matters

The MGI [Materials Genome Initiative] is going to change the way materials science is done. In the next 10-to-20 years

Projects and Programs


The Molybdenum K-shell X-ray Emission Spectrum

Marcus H. Mendenhall, Lawrence T. Hudson, Csilla I. Szabo-Foster, Albert Henins, James P. Cline
Abstract We present newly measured spectra of the X-ray emission of a molybdenum metal anode subject to electron bombardment, using a very high dispersion

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