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NRC Research Opportunities in the Chemical Sciences Division

The Chemical Sciences Division (CSD) offers a wide range of postdoctoral research opportunities in the chemical sciences. Opportunities are available for research in all aspects of measurement science, with applications to clinical chemistry, the environment, food and nutrition, forensics, energy, and homeland security. Applicants must be U. S. citizens and must complete all Ph.D. degree requirements. The National Research Council (NRC) administers this Research Associateship Program for participating federal laboratories through a competitive application process. Details of the application process, and other aspects of the program, are provided on the Research Associateship Program web site.

A list of current research opportunities within CSD is provided below. For more information, contact any research advisor on the linked resource pages.

The Chemical Sciences Division welcomes inquiries about research opportunities at NIST and actively promotes diversity and inclusivity in hiring practices.


50.64.61.C0054 Advances in High Resolution Mass Spectrometry
50.64.63.B8576 Advances in High Resolution Mass Spectrometry for Exposure Sciences and Forensic Analyses
50.64.61.B1709 Analytical Mass Spectrometry for Organics and Biomolecules
50.64.61.B3932 Applications of Organic Analytical Chemistry in Forensic Science
50.64.61.B8168 Catching Crooks with Chemistry
50.64.51.B8453 Characterization of Protein-based Allergens
50.64.61.B6909 Chemical Metrology of Dietary Supplements
50.64.61.B6986 Development of Methods for High-Accuracy Measurements in Complex Chemical and Biological Samples
50.64.63.C0152 Mass Spectrometry of Chemical Tracers
50.64.63.C0154 Multimodal Microbiome Measurements
50.64.61.B5547 Research in Elemental Speciation of Clinical and Biological Systems
50.64.61.B1712 Separation Science Techniques for Trace Organic Analysis
50.64.63.B7859 Stable Isotope Metrology for Environmental and Forensics Research


50.64.61.B7230 Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of Chromatographic Sorbents
50.64.61.B8006 Macromolecular Separation Science
50.68.02.B7727 Multimodal Probes for Nanoscale Sensing, Imaging and Manipulation
50.64.61.B1711 Novel Analytical Separation Science Methodology
50.64.61.B7857 Optical Measurements of Aerosol Optical Properties
50.64.41.B7624 Quantitative Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Measurements for Chemical and Biochemical Applications
50.64.31.B7517 Speciation and Related Chemical Information from X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy
50.64.61.B8328 Time-Resolved Frequency Comb Spectroscopy


50.64.61.B4794 Analytical Methods Development for the Determination of Anthropogenic Contaminants in the Marine Environment
50.64.62.C0219 Chemical Measurement Services for Assessing Plastic Marine Debris Pollution
50.64.61.B8156 Determination of Chemical and Microbial Contaminant Profiles in Water
50.64.63.B8335 Determination of Chemical Contaminant Profiles in Water
50.64.61.B8476 Measurement Science to Promote Water Quality and Health in Aquaculture
50.64.61.B1641 Quantitative Spectroscopic Measurements for Climate Science Applications
50.64.61.B7477 Secondary Organic Aerosol Chemistry
50.64.61.B8325 Ultra-Sensitive Molecular Spectroscopy for Applications in Atmospheric Chemistry


50.64.31.B7985 Adsorption Science to Enable Sustainable Development
50.64.61.B6482 Analytical Chemistry of Nanomaterials
50.64.61.C0249 Chemical Speciation on Heterogeneous Surfaces and Interfaces
50.64.61.C0713 Data, Technology, and Measurements for the Adsorption Sciences
50.64.61.B6989 Depth Profiling Using Neutron Beams
50.64.61.B8477 Development of Nuclear Analytical Imaging Techniques for Materials Analysis with Spatial and Spectral Specificity
50.64.61.B8450 Research in Advanced Concepts for Gamma-Ray Spectrometry
50.64.41.B8449 Research in Development of Nuclear Techniques for Elemental Speciation


50.64.63.B7888 Metabolomic and Lipidomic Research: Emphasizing Advanced Data Analysis, Metabolite/Lipid Annotation, and Functional Pathway Elucidation
50.64.61.C0235 Metabolomics for human health, food quality and safety, and forensic science
50.64.63.C0153 Non-targeted Omic Based Bioanalytical Measurements
50.64.63.C0154 Multimodal Microbiome Measurements
50.64.61.B6907 Research in Metallomics


50.64.61.B8431 Ab Initio Mass Spectrometry
50.64.61.B6773 Computational and Theoretical Approaches for Understanding Complex Fluids
50.64.61.B3922 Diagnostics for Chemical Vapor and Atomic Layer Deposition Processes
50.64.61.B7914 Measurement Science for Chemical Processes
50.64.61.B4792 Methods and Applications in Ab Initio Thermochemistry
50.77.11.B8287 Modeling Complex Microstructures
50.64.21.B7809 Multiscale Modeling of Interfacial Environments around Carbon Nanotubes
50.64.61.C0098 Uncertainty Analysis for Machine Learning and Optimization Applications
50.64.61.B6751 Virtual Measurements from Quantum Chemistry
Created May 21, 2019, Updated November 7, 2023