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Advanced Manufacturing

Revolutionizing American Manufacturing

A major focus of the current administration is revitalizing American manufacturing, and new technologies are changing the way things are made. Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing Equals Excitement

This article originally appeared on the NIST Taking Measure blog . Guest blog post by Jarred Heigel. I research additive manufacturing, which some people

From Makers to Manufacturers

Make (n) – to bring into existence by shaping or changing material, combining parts, etc. Manufacture (n) – the making of goods or wares by manual labor or by

Enlightening Enterprise 3D Printing

Enterprise 3D printing is ascending the Slope of Enlightenment. Gartner 1 placed it there on its Hype Cycle curve in 2013 and it has been marching toward the

National Maker Faire and Future Makers

“What is a Manufacturing Day?” “Can I take my students to the local manufacturing plants?” “Which plants are open for public tours around here?”

Smalltime Superheroes

It looks like the suit of armor Tony Stark wore in Ironman. But instead of flying up into the stratosphere, it allows an explorer to dive deep into sea, and go

A Robot In Time Saves

Has robotics as a technology reached maturity and affordability for smaller manufacturers – it seems yes and no. Years ago future trends in manufacturing

A Manufacturer's Cinderella Story

There is a growing cluster afoot and it is in East Tennessee. How do I know this? Five organizations that comprise the AMP!, the Advanced Manufacturing and

Foods’ Future

What do a McDonalds French fry supplier (J.R. Simplot Company), Starbucks Coffee, and Béquet Caramels have in common? Two things it turns out. First, they’re

The Make-Over

Have you ever stepped out for a night of fun and bumped into an old acquaintance? Someone you rejected way back when as not quite up to your standards, only to


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