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Final Versions of the UOCAVA Security Best Practices Documents, NISTIR 7711 and NISTIR 7682

NIST is pleased to announce the final release of two documents on security best practices for UOCAVA voting. This includes NISTIR 7711:Security Best Practices for the Electronic Transmission of Election Materials for UOCAVA Voters, and NISTIR 7682:Information System Security Best Practices for UOCAVA-Supporting Systems.  These two documents serve as companion documents to one another. NISTIR 7711 covers security best practices and considerations for electronic transmission of UOCAVA election materials. The intended audience for NISTIR 7711 is election officials who are considering the use of electronic mail or Web sites to expedite transmission of voter registration materials and blank ballots.  

NISTIR 7682 provides general computer security best practices for IT professionals charged with configuring and administering IT systems used to support UOCAVA voting. Jurisdictions should consult NISTIR 7682, and other NIST computer security guidelines, for general computer security best practices prior to deploying and using an IT system to support voter registration, ballot request, and blank ballot delivery activities. The recommended security practices in these documents are intended to be complementary, each focusing on different issues for their intended audiences."

Created September 15, 2011, Updated January 4, 2023