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Embedding comments in PDF files

If you wish to embed comments within the PDF documentation, you may do so using the free Adobe Reader software available from Adobe. The following detailed instructions for commenting the PDF file are current as of 2009-03-25 and Adobe Reader version 9.1.0. Versions 8.1.X are also usable.

1. Ensure that Adobe Reader is installed on your computer. Adobe Reader may be obtained from

2. Open the documentation PDF file in Adobe Reader.

3. There should be a menu on the toolbar labelled Comment or Review & Comment. Select Show Comment & Markup Toolbar from that menu to get a new toolbar that includes the Sticky Note tool, the Text Edits tool, and others. (These tools can also be accessed via Tools --> Comment & Markup.)

4. To insert a comment someplace in the document, go to that page and use the Sticky Note tool. Once the text of the comment has been entered, the yellow note icon can be dragged to place it near the text in question.

5. To indicate desired textual changes, use the Text Edits tool to insert, delete, or replace text.

6. Save your changes using File --> Save.


Created March 24, 2010, Updated January 27, 2022