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Core Requirements Test Suite for the 2005 VVSG Revision

Notes to Reviewers

July 2009

The documents available from this page represent a test suite for certain requirements in the 2005 VVSG revision that have been ported from the 2007 VVSG Recommendations to the EAC. When the 2005 VVSG revision is approved by the Election Assistance Commission (EAC), the test suites will be available for use by voting system testing laboratories as a common basis for testing voting systems to determine conformance to the 2005 VVSG revision.

Test suite reviewers are advised to first read and understand the 2005 VVSG revision, especially the sections relevant to the test suites under review, before reviewing the test suites. A complete version of the 2005 VVSG revsion can be found here; the first section contains an overview of what material was replaced, deleted, or added, as well where the new or replaced material is located in the 2007 VVSG Recommendations. A complete version of the 2007 VVSG Recommendations to the EAC can be found at

The two test suites available from this page address requirements in the "Core Requirements and Testing" category. The test suites are as follows:

1. Votetest - Votetest defines abstract tests that exercise every phase of the voting process from election definition through report generation. The test suite for Votetest consists of its documentation and a set of data files that are bundled with it. This package is distributed as an archive file in either zip or compressed tar format. A high-level description of the contents of the Votetest distribution is given in Section 1.1 of the documentation; a more detailed description that identifies the various data files is given in Section 3.1 and Section 3.2. Sections 3.8 and 3.9 detail which requirements in Part 1 Section 7 are addressed by Votetest

2. Tests for Operating Temperature and Humidity - These tests correspond to the Operating Temperature and Humidity requirements in the 2005 VVSG revision, Volume I Section


Please send comments on the test suites, by October 1, 2009, to: crt-software-test [at] (subject: Votetest%20Test%20Suite%20Version%201.0%20for%20the%20VVSG-NI) (crt-software-test[at]nist[dot]gov).

You may provide comments directly in your email and/or send attachments in MS-Word or PDF. If you wish, you may embed your comments within the Votetest PDF documentation using the instructions provided here. In general, please tell us the features you like and provide us with comments, corrections, and suggestions on how to improve the test suites. Please provide the following items:

  • Test suite version number (found in the test suite documentation, currently Version 1.0)
  • Your name and affiliation (include contact information if desired)
  • Identification of the particular tests and requirements in the 2005 VVSG revision for which your comment applies
  • If including suggestions for changes to the tests, a description of the suggested change including an adequate justification for the change, or a draft replacement for the test including the justification and any other necessary documentation or commentary

All comments will be considered. After all comments have been received and incorporated into the test suites, a new version of the test suites will be posted on the NIST web site.

Test suites:

1 - Votetest - The Votetest documentation is available here in PDF or HTML. The Votetest package, including documentation, is available here in a

2 - Test Suite for Operating Temperature and Humidity


Created March 25, 2010, Updated January 27, 2022