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Common Data Format Research Group: Common Data Format (CDF) Use-Case Subgroup

Group Information

  • Name: Common Data Format Research Group: Use Case Subgroup
  • Purpose: This group will conduct a gap analysis of elements not included in previous CDFs, and how to potentially address those gaps.
  • Objectives: Components in scope for this analysis include:
    • ballot-on-demand,
    • remote ballot marking,
    • electronic pollbooks, and
    • interactions between electronic pollbooks and VRDBs.

General information regarding the tasks of signing up for Google Group email lists, and related information, may be found at the following page.

Group Scope

  • This group has been organized for only the above-stated purpose.
  • This group is NOT for the purpose of discussing VVSG 2.0 requirements.
    • For all comments or considerations regarding the VVSG 2.0 requirements as approved by the EAC on February 10, 2021, please send those to vvsg [at] .

Membership Information

Created April 6, 2021