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Common Data Format Research Group: Common Data Format (CDF) Ballot Styles Subgroup

Group Information

  • Name: Common Data Format Research Group: Ballot Styles Subgroup
  • Purpose: This group will inform revisions to the Cast Vote Record Common Data Format, as well as the creation of a potential Ballot Styles CDF or white paper addressing the topic of ballot style interoperability.
  • Objectives: Model elements of ballot styles to inform a potential Ballot Styles Common Data Format or white paper addressing the potential for ballot style interoperability. Modelling elements include (but are not limited to):
    • Ballot formats,
    • Ballot layout and presentation,
    • Ballot rotation,
    • Control contests (e.g., Straight party, Party activation),
    • Natural language considerations for ballots,
    • Scanning considerations (paper only), and
    • Voting variation considerations.
  • Supporting references:
  • Logistics: All meetings will be held using conferencing software, and members will receive information on upcoming meetings and agendas.
  • Officers:
    • Chair
      • Name: John Dziurlaj
      • Email: john [at]
  • Email list

General information regarding the tasks of signing up for Google Group email lists, and related information, may be found at the following page.

Group Scope

  • This group has been organized for only the above-stated purpose.
  • This group is NOT for the purpose of discussing former VVSG 2.0 requirements.
    • For all comments or considerations regarding the VVSG 2.0 requirements as approved by the EAC on February 10, 2021, please send those to vvsg [at] .

Membership Information

Created April 6, 2021