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Technology Transfer

On this page, you will find links to many resources for work that has been, or is being done to improve accessibility in voting. The sites below have assembled articles, reports, and best practices on AVT research from a wide variety of sources. There are also resources that can be used to advise accessibility in voting and the election process, as well as databases of current election information. From researchers, to manufacturers, to election officials, this page has a multitude of information to assist in your voting accessibility needs.

RAAV Resource Library 

The RAAV resource library contains materials that cover many issues in accessible voting. Resource items are in several formats, including text (PDF and Word documents), links, PowerPoint presentations, and videos. The resources can be viewed based on your professional interests, or by category. The RAAV team will continue to add to content to the library at least until May, 2014.

This resource is no longer available.

ITIF Working Papers and Reports

The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation (ITIF) working paper archive is intended to provide immediate public access to research generated by the ITIF AVTI project. Papers posted may be revised before publication in other venues. Other project publications include journal articles, project websites, and conference posters and presentations.

To view a list of ITIF working papers, visit:

ITIF Resources

In addition to the working papers from the project, the ITIF team has gathered a set of resources to help others get started on understanding accessibility in elections and voting technology.

To view a list of ITIF resources, visit:

Anywhere Ballot Annotated Bib

This annotated bibliography supported the ballot interface design work of the Anywhere Ballot research team of the ITIF-AVTI grant program. This bibliography primarily includes sources about ballot design and about designing for audiences with low literacy skills and mild cognitive impairment. It also includes some sources about barriers to voting, voting trends, and voting technologies, including voting on mobile devices.

To view the annotated bibliography, visit:

GTRI Annotated Bibliography

This annotated bibliography was created by the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) as a part of a report on the voting accessibility needs of combat-injured service members. This research was performed by GTRI under the Military Heroes Initiative and was sponsored by the EAC via a grant to ITIF. To view the full report, visit Links to the categorized annotated bibliography are shown below.

Accessibility of voting systems

Usability of voting systems

Security and privacy issues in voting

Remote and absentee voting

Guidelines and best practices in voting

Voting device assessment methods

Traumatic brain injuries

Other injuries and disabilities

Systems and policies related to disabilities


Election Data Services Election Database

Since 1980, Election Data Services (EDS) has maintained a database on election administration that profiles more than 8,000 election jurisdictions in the United States. Election Data Systems (EDS) has made this database available to all who are interested. When the search system is complete and data has been verified, visitors will be able to create custom reports to find answers to their own questions. Election officials will also be able to update the information in the database. Access to the following data is available via the database search interface:

  • Information on election officials
  • Voting equipment used, including accessible equipment
  • Population and registration data
  • Numbers of voting precincts
  • Election operations equipment

To view the EDS election database, visit:

Civic Design Field Guides

Good design in elections means that voters can reliably and accurately express their intent. But voting goes beyond the ballot. Voters want to know what's on the ballot ahead of time, and what to expect at the polling place, too. There are eight volumes of Field Guides; results of research done during 2012 and 2013, investigating ballot design, plain language, usability testing, procedures for poll workers, voter education materials, county election websites, and posters and signage in the polling place.
To view and download the Field Guides, visit:

RAAV Election Tips

The RAAV Partners issued a set of recommendations for Election Officials preparing for the 2012 presidential elections. These recommendations were based on work by partners and others over the past decade or more. The intent was to make sure that available resources were known and available to election administrators so that the 2012 election was as accessible and efficient as possible.

For more information about election tips, visit:


Created May 6, 2013, Updated November 15, 2019