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Statistical Engineering Division Historical Records

The records below provide interesting glimpses into the history of the Statistical Engineering Division from different points of view. Being recently assembled from materials kept by different Division or NIST staff members over the years, these records are bound to contain some inadvertent omissions or minor errors (remember, random errors occur everywhere and are what keeps us in business!). We apologize in advance and kindly request to be informed of any corrections that are needed. To provide a correction, please just contact any member of the SED staff who will transmit the corrected information to one of our web site content editors so they can update these living documents.

  1. NBS/NIST Directors
  2. SED Division Chiefs
  3. SED Historical Staff
  4. SED DOC & NIST Medal Winners (with Citations)
  5. SED DOC & NIST Medal Winners
  6. SED Gold, Silver, & Named NIST Medal Winners
  7. SED's American Statistical Association Fellows
  8. SED Portrait Gallery Members
  9. SED Portrait Gallery Pictures
  10. SED ASA Youden Award Winners
  11. ASQC FTC Youden Lecturers
  12. Statistical Engineering Division Arrivals/Activities/Awards
Created June 24, 2022, Updated June 28, 2022