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History of SED Division Chiefs (1949 - Present)

Chief Tenure
Churchill Eisenhart 1949-1963
Joe Cameron 1963-1968
Joan Rosenblatt 1968-1978
Harry Ku 1978-1985
Mary Natrella (acting) 1985-1986
Bob Lundegard 1986-1994
Carroll Croarkin (acting) 1994-1995
Lynne Hare 1995-1997
M. Carroll Croarkin 1997-1997
Keith Eberhart (acting) 1997-1998
Keith Eberhart 1998-1999
Barbara Guttman (acting) 1999-2000
Nell Sedransk 2000-2005
Kamie Roberts (acting) 2005-2006
Antonio Possolo 2006-2014
William F. Guthrie 2014-present
Created June 7, 2022, Updated June 27, 2022