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Talks list for Howard S. Cohl

Talks by Howard S. Cohl, Ph.D.

Applied and Computational Mathematics Division
National Institute for Standards and Technology
100 Bureau Drive
Gaithersburg, Maryland, 20899-8910, U.S.A.


  1. cicm2014 : CICM 2014 : NIST Digital Repository of Mathematical Formulae : (2014, July 10, 8 pages)
  2. ucoim2014 : University of Coimbra Analysis Seminar : Generalizations of generating functions for orthogonal polynomials in the Askey and q-Askey schemes : (2014 July 9, 60 pages)
  3. au2014 : American University Math and Stat Colloquium : Generalizations of Generating Functions for Orthogonal polynomials in Askey Schemes : (2014, April 15, 56 pages)
  4. lubbock2014 : Spring Central Sectional AMS Meeting : Generalizations of generating functions for hypergeometric and q-hypergeometric orthogonal polynomials : (2014, April 11, 40 pages)


  1. wcupa2013 : Department of Mathematics : West Chester University of Pennsylgania : Fourier and Gegenbauer expansions for a fundamental solution of Laplace's equation on Riemannian spaces of constant curvature (2013, April 23, 47 pages)
Created July 29, 2014, Updated June 2, 2021