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Structure of the CIFter CD


  • CD_contents.html: This file
  • Readme.html: Project overview and directions for conducting the evaluation
  • cifterLetter.html: Wayne Gray's letter of invitation to join the project 


  • TMFsite: directory of Motley Fool test website
    • TMFsite/Readme.html:
      • Where is the site?
      • How do I set it up on my machine? 
  • TMFsite_instrumented: directory of Instrumented Motley Fool test website
    • TMFsite_instrumented/Readme.html:
      • Where is the instrumented site?
      •  How does the instrumented site differ from the native site?
      • How do I set it up on my machine? 
  • Tasks: directory of task descriptions
  • CIF (Common Industry Format)
    • CIF/Readme.html:
      • What is the Common Industry Format (CIF)?
      • How can I get more details? 
  • JWANDS: directory of proxy code
  • WebTools: NIST WebMetrics Usability tools
    • WebTools/Readme.html: What are NIST WebMetrics tools?
    • WebVIP: User interaction instrumentation and collection tool
      • WebVIP/Readme.html:
        • What is WebVIP?
        • How do I install WebVIP?
        • How does WebVIP relate to VisVIP?
        • How do I convert WebVIP logs to a format that can be used by VisVIP? 
    • VisVIP: User interaction visualization application
      • VisVIP/Readme.html:
        • What is VisVIP?
        • How do I install VisVIP?
        • How does VisVIP relate to WebVIP?
    • FLUD (Framework for Logging Usability Data)

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Created September 29, 2016, Updated October 19, 2016