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Privacy in the Digital Age - Lecture Series

Privacy in the Digital Age: A New Frontier Invited Lecture Series in Usable Privacy

To better understand how privacy is changing, the NIST Usable Security and Privacy Team has developed an invited lecture series to explore various aspects of privacy as it relates to the digital world from the user's perspective. While this lecture series is intended to complement the NIST Privacy Engineering effort, it puts the spotlight firmly on the user perspective through speakers who will address topics ranging from a user-centered definition of privacy with respect to electronic data to the economics of privacy to social and national security considerations related to privacy in this new digital age. This lecture series is intended to provide insights from relevant work in the privacy domain that relate to user experience, perception, cognition and behavior to inform our understanding of the user experience.

The NIST Usable Security and Privacy Team is a multi-disciplinary team. Our goal is to provide guidance for policymakers, system engineers, and security and privacy professionals so it is easy for the user to do the right thing, hard to do the wrong thing, and easy to recover when the wrong thing happens. We believe this can happen consistently when user-centered design principles are applied.

NIST Visitors
If you would like to register as a visitor to access the NIST campus for any of the speaker's series, please contact susanne.furman [at] (Susanne Furman).

The speakers, dates, locations and topics are listed below. Select the speaker's name to see the topic description and speaker's bio.

Oct. 15, 2014Bldg. 101, Heritage Rm10:30 amSoren PriebauschQuantifying Consumers' Privacy Needs
Oct. 27, 2014Bldg. 101, Green Aud.10:30 amDaniel SoloveNothing to Hide: The False Tradeoff Between Privacy & Security (click to view video)
Dec. 1, 2014Bldg. 101, Green Aud.10:00 am

Government/Policy Perspectives Panel:

Ann Cavuokian
Bojana Bellamy
Jessica Rich

Ann Cavoukian is a distinguished professor and executive director of the Ryerson University Institute for Privacy & Big Data.
Bojana Bellamy is the President of the Centre for Information Policy and Leadership at Hunton & Williams LLP.
Jessica Rich is the Director, Bureau of Consumer Protection, Federal Trade Commission.
Dec. 8, 2014Bldg. 101, LR D10:30Allessandro AcquistiThe Economics of Privacy.
Dec. 11, 2014  Legal Perspectives ...TBD 


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Created November 10, 2014, Updated August 25, 2016