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Collaborative Challenges

Collaborative Research Cycle (CRC) 

The Collaborative Research Cycle (CRC) is designed to spur research, innovation, and understanding of data deidentification techniques. The CRC is a revolutionary rethinking of the typical data challenge format, using metrics and benchmark data not to competitively rank approaches but to drive collaborative research towards better understanding them. 

The CRC invites researchers to contribute deidentified records from the NIST Diverse Communities Data Excerpts, along with a brief abstract listing their methods. In May and July 2023, the CRC plans to release a machine-readable research acceleration bundle of all contributions, along with detail evaluations using the SDNist report tool.

Researchers are invited to use the acceleration bundle to perform analysis and submit their findings in 3-page-or-less tiny papers to a workshop to be held in November 2023. Submitted papers and NIST-contributed research will be packaged in a set of conference proceedings expected to release in January 2024. Prizes and awards are not part of this program. 

For more information and to learn how to participate, click below: 

Collaborative Research Cycle

Created April 13, 2023, Updated May 4, 2023